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I would suggest you visit your LHS and talk to the owner for his recommendations. I do custom painting myself, but am fully booked at this point. I can recommend you talk to a gentleman named Peter Youngblood, who owns Kennesaw Trains & Hobbies, in Kennesaw, GA. Peter does excellent work and will install decoders and lighting if requested.

Also, another friend of mine Jason Stephens, , has a custom painting business as well. His primary focus is painting steam locomotives.

Hope this helps.

Russ Goodwin
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I have a brass (N&W) locomotive that I would like to have custom painted.
Since I have a large investment in this model, I'd like to ask your advice
as to how I should handle the transaction. I guess my first problem is that
I do not personally know any custom painters and therefore I don't know who
I can trust.

Any problems you had that I can learn from?
Any suggestions are welcome, maybe even recommendations.

Dave Willis
N&W Steam Era 1940 -> 1950's.  

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