Custom Painting a Brass Locomotive

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Sat Nov 20 09:34:32 EST 2004

> I have a brass (N&W) locomotive that I would like to have custom painted.
> Since I have a large investment in this model, I'd like to ask your advice
> as to how I should handle the transaction. I guess my first problem is
> I do not personally know any custom painters and therefore I don't know
> I can trust.
> Any problems you had that I can learn from?
> Any suggestions are welcome, maybe even recommendations.

Dave, there are a few well known custom painters who do outstanding work.  I
have used Bob Anson for many projects, and below is his new contact info.
Please feel free to mention my name.  I have always found his quited price
quite reasonable.  Michael Ross, Texas where the Virginian is currently
building  in O Scale.

Bob Anson
144 Coldstream Drive
Columbia, SC 29212
803-447-8421 cell

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