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Tue Jun 29 16:31:18 EDT 2004

> I agree completely.
> Now a question concerning steam locomotive types the N&W ran:
> I am modelling the N&W along the Radford line more or less, loosely. I have
> a pair of Consolidations and a Pacific that I have found photos of
> prototypes that match the apeparance very closely on. They are presently not
> lettered for the N&W but I plan to repaint and decal them. What I also have
> and really can't find any info on are a 2-6-2 Prairie and a 4-6-4 - did the
> N&W ever run locomotives of these configurations? Nobody seems to be able to
> definitively tell me yes or no. Both are presently lettered for the NYC.....
> Thanks
> Bob

Sorry Bob, 

NO 4-6-4's and only a single old 2-6-2's that was...Yeccchhh....a Camelback!
It was Virginia Anthracite Coal & Ry company number 2.  The "Merrimac" Later
became N&W RY 0-28 2nd no. 91 in 1912.

Mark Lindsey

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