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I agree completely.
Now a question concerning steam locomotive types the N&W ran:
I am modelling the N&W along the Radford line more or less, loosely. I have
a pair of Consolidations and a Pacific that I have found photos of
prototypes that match the apeparance very closely on. They are presently not
lettered for the N&W but I plan to repaint and decal them. What I also have
and really can't find any info on are a 2-6-2 Prairie and a 4-6-4 - did the
N&W ever run locomotives of these configurations? Nobody seems to be able to
definitively tell me yes or no. Both are presently lettered for the NYC.....

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> I will add my echo to the sentiment.  The flashy big engines don't suit
most of our layouts.  The M and W class locomotives mean N&W from beginning
to end.  With an affordable model we could have a starting point for custom
engines that match the details of so many locomotives, the variety would be
beautiful.  Picture the 475, in routine work clothes, and then her special
occasion outfitting.  The spark arrestors for some of the beloved
branchlines, tender variations within the family, running board
> ahhh, per chance to dream....
> The truth is, a train with 3 class M's running up a steep grade branchline
is every bit as beautiful as any articulated (makes switching easier too)
and there is never a complaint that the front engine doesn't pivot where it
> Oh well enough ranting for tonight, time for a beer and a nice vacation...
> Cordially,
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