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Mark and the list

BLI and other manufacurers will make us very happy over the next 2 to 3 
years,,so relax and save your money ( a lot of it) . The stuff is coming but 
will take time!!! The M is not in the pipe line yet but who knows!!

Mike Ritschdorff

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>After so many expensive or non-existent M class Loco¹s promised over the
>years I¹ve learned to never hold my breath.
>I find it amusing that showy beats numbers every time.  Less than 20 J¹s
>were made but we had those out the ying-yang.  Same with Y6B¹s.
>And other than an increase in details, the plastic Y class models all
>articulate the same way, and same for the A,
>even though it¹s been almost 40 years between the original Rivirossi models
>and the A.  Plastic CG or CH??
>I think a better way would be to offer aftermarket bodies and tenders for
>MDC 2-8-0¹s to make G-1¹s and the M and M-1 classes.
>Mark LIndsey
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