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Rick Stone: Bethlehem Car Works has stopped producing kits with brass car sides.  As kits with brass car sides sell out, they won't be replaced. Kits with resin car sides and plastic kits available. 
I have the brass model of the BMh by NJ Custom Brass. It was sold as a PRR/Long Island BM60. Looked like the N&W, but with fewer roof vents.  They show up on eBay, and Greenway has one on their site now. 

I've attached a photo of train 13 at Shenandoah Jct c. 1950. The BMh is coupled next to a PRR B60.  Interesting to see the resemblance of the two. This was a from a slide set sold by Audio-Visual Designs in the 1970's. The color has shifted with age.

 --Rick Morrison
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