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I tried to run down the history on the two types of baggage mail cars used on the Abingdon branch. There were 5 round roof cars, BMh 14-18.  The clerestory roof cars were BMg number 10-13.  In 1955 the round roof cars were converted to mail storage cars class MS3 and renumbered 1426-1430. So you wouldn't find one of them on the branch after 1955.  Other than removing the 15 ft postal apartment the only change to the exterior was blanking out the two small windows on either side.  No change to the doors so one large and one small remained on each side.  The round roof cars look like PRR design BM60, but I could never trace them in PRR service.  For sure, N&W and Long Island had them. Both roads listed them as built in 1929.  Research from NWHS steel passenger car roster. 

In 1943 N&W 10-18 were listed together in the "Official Register of Passenger Train Equipment," AAR designation MB. Both classes had the same 64 foot length.

In Wallace and Wiley's N&W Handbook page 72 is a photo of a BMh converted to an MS3

--Rick Morrison


--Rick Morrison
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