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2 photos in N&WHS Archives show freight cars spotted on a track I know
nothing about (boxcar at left) and an Interstate hopper unloading coal on
the house track's conveyor pit.  Is there a track map for West Jefferson
showing industries (ICC valuation map would be great!)?






In 1951, the RPO had a clerestory:


In 1952, it was a round-roofed ex-PRR:


I recently purchased scans from Steve Patterson who road the trains in 1956
(2 trips) and 1962.  During the last trip, he shot an NRC-IC ice reefer that
was hauling LCL "seed potatoes" to West Jefferson.  It was the only freight
car on the return trip.  No other photos that I've seen (or remember seeing,
at least), showed a reefer.  There were tank cars, low side gons with raw
ties, 40 and 50 single door and dd boxes, 2-bay hoppers and stock cars
(early 50s).  MOW cars consisted of side-dump gons hauling debris to dump
trackside, often around bridge abutments.  2 of Steve's trips shows these
cars . 1 train had 3, the other 7 . both sets originated in Bristol hauling
busted concrete and other "junk" likely scooped up after buildings were
demolished.  The train would stop wherever the junk was to be dumped, cut
off from the rest of the cars, dump the contents, recouple and move to
nearest siding where those cars were left to be picked up on return trip.
Makes for an interesting operation session on a layout!


The mixed train was cancelled in 1962 or 1963 and replaced with a caboose.
I need to research the dates to know for sure.  Since I'm modeling 1957-63,
I can include all-steam, all-diesel, mixed or caboose and a variety of
freight cars.


Jim King



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