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> N&W was one of the few railroads that never owned a Mikado.  The 
> Western Maryland was another.
> The WSS Mikados were not the only 2-8-2s shopped at Roanoke.  During 
> WWII several Chicago and North Western Mikados were shopped there on 
> the way to the Seaboard Air Line which had leased them for temporary 
> service.

True, Ed.   And the N&W shops in Roanoke did maintenance on some PRR 
power also.  Granddad always talked about having to run those dirty PRR 
locos through the washer twice before they would work on them.

My intent was to say that the shopping of the ex-ACL locos for the WSS 
resulted in a 2-8-2 that had a distinct N&W look.

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