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Each single unit electric locomotive had its own number.  This number was not used  for operational purposes but was used for maintenance.  An example would be that Squarehead No. 100 consisted of three separate units each with its own number.

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I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas / Hanukkah / etc.
Here is a new questions for all you N&W/VGN experts:  My brother is one of those that visits yard and estate sales and is on the lookout for VGN items.  So as a present this season he sent me a “monthly Locomotive Unit Inspection and Repair Report” – “ICC form No. 1-A” – elsewhere labeled a “From 1490.”  It reports the March 1952 inspection of “locomotive unit No. ___14___” that was inspected on 5 March 1952 at Mullens.  Item #1 on the form says “This locomotive unit is propelled by ___electricity___.”  What unit was this?  #14 was one of the large conveyer cars on the docks – what was it doing in Mullens?  Am I wrong that none of the electrics were numbered 14?  
On another note, he also sent me a nearly 90 year old VGN “stringer.”  Apparently stringers were long, vertical format descriptions of passenger specials.  Most (like the one I now have) were holed at the top so they could hang from a string (hence the name) or hook and be pulled off by interested consumers.  Usually printed on cheap newsprint and thus did not last long.  He found this one at a garage sale wound around an old Edison phonograph cylinder and thus not folded.  This one advertises a 15 June 1926 junket from the mountains to Va Beach, as well as shorter trips just to Roanoke.  Near the bottom is the notation of “special coaches for colored people” – reflects the times of its release – both good and bad.  Anything like this in the archives?  
Michael Ross
Ft Worth

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