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I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas / Hanukkah / etc.
Here is a new questions for all you N&W/VGN experts:  My brother is one of those that visits yard and estate sales and is on the lookout for VGN items.  So as a present this season he sent me a “monthly Locomotive Unit Inspection and Repair Report” – “ICC form No. 1-A” – elsewhere labeled a “From 1490.”  It reports the March 1952 inspection of “locomotive unit No. ___14___” that was inspected on 5 March 1952 at Mullens.  Item #1 on the form says “This locomotive unit is propelled by ___electricity___.”  What unit was this?  #14 was one of the large conveyer cars on the docks – what was it doing in Mullens?  Am I wrong that none of the electrics were numbered 14?  
On another note, he also sent me a nearly 90 year old VGN “stringer.”  Apparently stringers were long, vertical format descriptions of passenger specials.  Most (like the one I now have) were holed at the top so they could hang from a string (hence the name) or hook and be pulled off by interested consumers.  Usually printed on cheap newsprint and thus did not last long.  He found this one at a garage sale wound around an old Edison phonograph cylinder and thus not folded.  This one advertises a 15 June 1926 junket from the mountains to Va Beach, as well as shorter trips just to Roanoke.  Near the bottom is the notation of “special coaches for colored people” – reflects the times of its release – both good and bad.  Anything like this in the archives?  
Michael Ross
Ft Worth
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