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Note that I've made an error in one of the prior transmissions --
the L&N eastbound crews -- when they arrived at Norton (not
St. Paul as previously stated), unless they had 2 hours left
to work before expiring on the Hours of Service Law, they were not
permitted to cross the N&W to get to the CRR.

Before the new connection was built, there may not have been
sufficient time to move to one of the two Boodys, swap ends, get
an air test and still make it to Miller Yard or other terminals
on the Clinchfield. At the time coal started surging south from
Loyall, the L&N had only two passing sidings in 60 miles that had
sufficient length to chamber a unit train -- Glidden was one of them.
Then there was that complicated move at Hagen's Switchback, so
there are some of the reasons the L&N trains had almost "hogged"
when they arrived at Norton. Incidentally, the negotiations between
L&N and N&W re. trackage rights was held in a Norton hotel and let
me tell you, L&N got quite a deal. I mean it was expressed in cents.
Harry Bundy

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