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I may have got some of this wrong ......... and no doubt many more intimate
and expert on and off this list will correct me (and Millie) :-)


In fact the train station appears to have survived as a passenger station
almost to the Amtrak era which the Norfolk and Western Railway eschewed.

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> Dear Millie


> It's always a pleasure to read stories from SW Virginia and your piece on

> the RR station (note it was the Norfolk and Western Railway for most of

> it's life) is no exception.


> I rather fancy that it was in the 1860s not 1960s that Union troops burned

> down the old station:


> 'The railroad company was important to the South during The Civil War, so

> Union troops burned down the depot in 1964. Three years, later, it was

> rebuilt with Italianate style architecture.'


> And it was more the 1960s when the station closed as passenger service up

> and down the valley to/from Bristol survived just until Amtrak Day May 1st

> 1971. You may like to check with the Norfolk and Western History Society

> for the

> exact closure (to railway service) date.


> Best wishes



> Dominic


> Dominic Pinto

> London UK

> A member/supporter of both!





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