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Prior to the addition of the west leg of the wye at St Paul, was SOP for L&N trains to cross the Clinchfield, go to Boody Yd, run around their train and prepare to head south? Or did they go north on the Clinchfield to their Boidy Yd and prepare to head south? I know once the west connection was built, crews headed south to Miller Yard, and now run to Frisco Jct because of the L&N / SOU connection at Big Stone Gap.

This is 100% speculation on my part. The Hours of Service Law was a real factor for
those L&N crews. After the connection was built, CRR crews probably relieved the
L&N crews for the trip south. Before ? Well CRR had a dormitory at Dante. By
union contract, there must be facilities for the crew to lay-over at the away-from-home
terminal. Of course, with sufficient time, the L&N crews may have operated to another
away-from-home terminal on the CRR. Miller Yard ? While L&N's flow of coal traffic at
one time had been from Corbin north to Cincinnati connections, almost overnight, it
changed to hauling utility coal south and most of the movements I saw (on paper) were
unit trains. Harry Bundy

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