An Anvil Made from N&W Rail

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I also have an anvil made from N & W rail. It was made at Clare Yd in Cincinnati Oh. probably in the thirties or forties. I belive it was made by my grandfather, it appears to be hand made, it looks like all hand filing on it. It is aprox 6 inches tall and there aren't any markings on the rail that are visible. I think he made it for his personal use. All of the engines needing running repairs coming up the peavine stopped at Clare. My grandfather was the roundhouse foreman and died in the late forties, 1949 I believe.

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Attached is a PDF file containing four photographs of an anvil made from rail. The anvil was made for my father about 1947 or 1948, on (I think) the Shop Track at Shaffers Crossing.

I sent the photos and measurements to a rail expert for evaluation. Even though the head of the rail has been milled off to give a flat surface, he reported that the rail appears to be 80 or 85 pound rail of a section identified as "PRR."

So I have three questions:

(1) Has anyone seen another anvil of this sort made by the N&W? (Wondering if they might have been a "standard issue" item.)

(2) Did the N&W ever use 80 pound rail? (I never saw 80 pound rail.)

(3) When did the N&W begin installing 85 pound rail?

-- abram burnett

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