Double headed J's?

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I believe the 1952 campaign train of Dwight Eisenhower used double headed J's from Winston-Salem to Roanoke, Lynchburg, and beyond.

Ray Smoot

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Hi Bob

Class Js running together was not what I'd consider a common occurrence. The only consistent occasions that I've found were special trains, usually carrying a US President or candidate. There was an occasional occurrence, but for the most part during normal operations, no. Rarely were Js doubleheader in any case, I suspect that the photos you are thinking of Class K2/K2a with freight locomotives. Those cases, were generally a break in run after shopping, or simply moving power to return it to its home terminal.

It is your railroad, run whatever you like!

Ken Miller

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I've seen many photos of J's double headed with other types of locomotives but did the N&W ever run 2 J's together. I'm an N scale modeler and would love to run two of them together, I think it would look great. Thanks in advance.

Bob Parsons
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