Letter press books and agency forms

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Mon Feb 28 18:10:36 EST 2011


I believe the books were called Letter Press Books or in some cases flat
files. The you might find an end use date by looking at the legal/secretary correspondence files at NWHS Archibes at GOB East.

Eastern Regional Coal Archives at Bluefield, WV has the Letter Press Books
of the Flat-Top Coal Land Associstion and its predecessor and sucessor
companies, but I have never looked at the beginning and ending dates.

Alex Schust

February 28, 2011

Thanks for the suggestion, Alex. I'll take a look at them sometime. I wonder if any station agency files made it to the archives, too. I'm also seeking examples of forms such as car orders, station remittances, train sheets, blind siding reports, ticket sales advices, etc.

Good afternoon,


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