Letter press books and agency forms

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ERCA has 6 or more boxes of various types of N&W correspondence from
Bluefield. I will look through my scans and send you some of the variety
that I copied off the mailing list.

ERCA also has a variety of correspomdence between Pulaski Iron Company
(Eckman, WV) and N&W Bluefield Superintnendent about car orders, complaints
and other items.

Alex Schust
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> Frank,


> I believe the books were called Letter Press Books or in some cases flat

> files. The you might find an end use date by looking at the

> legal/secretary correspondence files at NWHS Archibes at GOB East.


> Eastern Regional Coal Archives at Bluefield, WV has the Letter Press Books

> of the Flat-Top Coal Land Associstion and its predecessor and sucessor

> companies, but I have never looked at the beginning and ending dates.


> Alex Schust




> February 28, 2011


> Thanks for the suggestion, Alex. I'll take a look at them sometime. I

> wonder if any station agency files made it to the archives, too. I'm also

> seeking examples of forms such as car orders, station remittances, train

> sheets, blind siding reports, ticket sales advices, etc.


> Good afternoon,


> Frank

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