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" I guess Jimmy, we are just going to have to "bear with you" on this one won't we?
Bob Cohen"

Yeah, bear with me Bob, there more...

Early one morning we were northbound rounding the curve at Port Republic. As the track straightened out, we could see a couple of dark figures cross the track down near the south end of Lynnwood Siding. My engineer trainee mutters a "Huh, look at the dogs".
The conductor and I kind of snickered and pointed out that those were no dogs but were bears instead. He didn't believe us at first. Just wait, you'll see we said.
Just before we got to the signal at Lynnwood, the two bears were still there and one even stood up on its hind legs and watched our train by!
Another one of those Kod(i)ak moments when I didn't have a Kodak. I wonder when technology will invent a way to download memories of the brain?

Jimmy Lisle
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