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I seem to recall that there is a place along US 360 between Simplicity and
Meherrin where the N&W, Southern, and Virginian converged and were within
sight of each other. Could this be the stretch that is in question? You
can find it on GoogleEarth.

Greg Harrod

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Jim –
There’s about a mile of thick, thick swamp separating the N&W line from
the VGN and SAL lines in the vicinity of Algren; there’s absolutely no way to
see the N&W from the VGN other along there.
I would be interested to know if there were any instances of N&W passenger
trains bypassing Farmville on the belt line. I believe, as you indicate,
that passenger traffic was typically routed over the old “High Bridge”
line through Farmville, and the belt line, with its more favorable grades was
used mainly for heavier tonnage. Nevertheless, since the Powhatan Arrow
did not make any intermediate stops between Norfolk and Roanoke, I would
suppose routing it over the belt line around Farmville would not pose a
problem for passengers.

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