N&W in 1910--injury

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Thanks to Gene (and others).

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> I remember sometime in the mid to late 40's my Dad going to court

> because the engine and train that he was on ran over a little girl

> near Welch, W.Va. I'm not sure which side of the cab he was on at that

> time. The little girl lived several days before dieing. In those days

> "Post traumatic stress treatments" was not included. The toll on him

> was very evident.

> By the way Tom, I thank you and the "Viet Nam era guys" for all that

> you had to endured, here and there..


> Gene Arnold



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> I had to pick up a suicide by train this morning. I was splashed

> in the face with blood, so my Emergency Department treats me like

> a war hero (something

> us Viet Nam era guys know too little about). But my sympathies go

> to the loco engineer who will need Post Traumatic Stress treatments.


> I hope he gets the time he needs, paid!


> Tom Cosgrove






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