N&W in 1910--Heavy tonnage

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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
June 26, 1910

Norfolk and Western Hurrying Double Tracking to Meet Requisition for 20,000 Tons a Day
Interviews with officials of the Norfolk and Western Railway quote them as saying that never have they had so large a tonnage, most of which is west bound. A large part of this is due to the fact that the United States Coal and Coke Company is shipping coal to Gary, Indiana, for use in the by-product coke ovens there, and the magnification of that plant, which is now in progress, and which is to be made to a unit of sixteen blast furnaces of large capacity, means a greatly enlarged shipment of coal from the Pocahontas field, the coal of which is used in commixion [sic] with Indiana and Illinois coals for the making of coke.
It is whispered, says the Coal and Coke Operator, that it is to meet the increased demands for coal for this purpose by the Gary furnaces that the Norfolk & Western has ordered 5,000 60-ton steel cars. It is further whispered that the daily shipments will aggregate not less that 20,000 tons, and that officials of the road have been apprised of this requirement and have been admonished to increase their car equipment and to hurry the double tracking of the road to the westward from Gary [WV] in order to afford regularity of delivery.
In this connection, it is declared that H. C. Frick is the largest individual holder of the shares of the Norfolk and Western road, and he is also a heavy holder of Pennsylvania Railroad shares, which railroad is accredited with more than fifty-one per cent of the outstanding number of shares [of N&W]. It is not wondered at, therefore, that President James McCrea of the Pennsylvania and Mr. Frick, who is a director of it, were tourists over the Norfolk and Western during last week in a special car and train, the train stopping at out-of-the-way points in order that they might survey the situation visually. This is interpreted to mean a hurrying up this work...[Microfilm hopelessly blurred.]...from Bluefield westward it is to meet this requisition for 20,000 tons of coal a day that work is being expedited in the opening of the No. 13 mine for the United States Coal and Coke Company.
Gordon Hamilton
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