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I remember sometime in the mid to late 40's my Dad going to court because the engine and train that he was on ran over a little girl near Welch, W.Va. I'm not sure which side of the cab he was on at that time. The little girl lived several days before dieing. In those days "Post traumatic stress treatments" was not included. The toll on him was very evident.
By the way Tom, I thank you and the "Viet Nam era guys" for all that you had to endured, here and there..

Gene Arnold

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I had to pick up a suicide by train this morning. I was splashed in the face with blood, so my Emergency Department treats me like a war hero (something
us Viet Nam era guys know too little about). But my sympathies go to the loco engineer who will need Post Traumatic Stress treatments.

I hope he gets the time he needs, paid!

Tom Cosgrove

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