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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
March 16, 1910

W. P. Fisher Tells of Gun Incident on Clinch Valley Sunday

W. P. Fisher, of Richlands, was in the city last night and gave out a statement of the facts connected with the dispute which arose Sunday on a Clinch Valley train at which time he and C. W. Boyd both drew guns. Mr. Fisher feels that the public is entitled to a true version of the affair and says that in January some contention arose between him and Boyd over a settlement in the law office of Chapman Alderage, at Richlands. At this time some threats were made, Fisher says, by Boyd, but no altercation took place owing to the interference of friends.
On Sunday last Fisher had started to Big Stone Gap to serve some legal papers and took the train at Richlands. Boyd also boarded the train at that point. Fisher got on the rear car and walked out into the vestibule where a lady and gentleman were standing. Just before the train arrived at Sword's Creek, Fisher heard some one gritting his teeth behind him and turning around he saw Boyd. Fisher then turned and walked to the front of the car, sitting down in the fifth seat from the door. Just before the train arrived at Shoffner where Boyd is employed, Fisher glanced around and saw Boyd coming with a man by the name of Miles Hearn who had hold of him. Boyd was trying to get to shoot Fisher and had a gun in his hand, saying let me get to him. Fisher then rose up with his gun in his hand. In the meantime Hearn pushed Boyd out of the door. A man by the name of Orthenreld, stepped up to Fisher and said to him, "here, this will never do." Fisher deliberately turned around and walked away, stating that he did not want any trouble. Fisher says there was no swearing on his part, and he apologized to the ladies on the train for the affair.
Gordon Hamilton
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