Lumber company in BS&C territory in 1910

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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
March 16, 1910

Replacing Wooden Ones on Track of Lumber Company

The C. L. Ritter Lumber Company, Inc., is rushing work on its Virginia plant and is replacing as fast as possible all the wooden track which it inherited from the Yellow Poplar Lumber Company, which it recently bought out. The old company had Fifty-four miles of wooden rails and it is the intention of the new company to replace this track as rapidly as circumstances demand with steel rails. The company will also go down Dismal about seventeen miles to reach a large tract of timber. The company's offices are at Huntington, W. Va., while its working plant is now located at Whitewood, Va. The C. L. Ritter Lumber Company, the Rockcastle Lumber Company and the Tug River Lumber Company have joint offices in Huntington.

[I have seen old pictures of wooden track lumber railroads, but I never had any idea that there would be 54 miles of such track in one operation. The attached picture of a C. L. Ritter Climax locomotive at Whitewood is from the collection of C. T. Stoner, and is presented here by courtesy of It appears to be on wooden rails. Whitewood is in Buchanan County, Virginia, on Dismal Creek in an area that was remote in 1910, so it would be interesting to know how the lumber from that plant got to market. According to Blackstock and Wilson's article in the July/August issue of The Arrow, W. M. Ritter's Big Sandy and Cumberland narrow gauge railroad reached Matney on Slate Creek in 1910, and Matney would be only three to four miles north of the C. L. Ritter line down Dismal Creek. Could there have been a connection over the divide between Dismal and Slate creeks for C. L. Ritter lumber to go out on the BS&C? Incidentally, the C. L. Ritter Lumber Co. is still in existence in Huntington according to the websites such as ]

Gordon Hamilton
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