N&W Caboose #562764 (Ex-Wabash 2764)

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Kyle: Probably all of the information you desire is in the "Caboose of the
N&W" book by Brewer and Bowers>

In the 1980's with the creation of the EOT's , caboose became unnecessary on
trains, thus most railroads sold or donated their caboose fleets to others.
The C-17's were once Wabash cabooses and many were sold off to individuals
or small railroads that wished to continue to use a caboose on their trains.
Your C-17 was one of those. I can look up who the first owner was (or might
have been as the book was published in the early 1990's), but who owned it
afterwards may not be in the N&WHS records.

The I&O, I believe, bought 5 or 6 of them with plans to use them on
excursions or similar.

Gary Rolih

Secretary N&WHS


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I'm doing research on N&W #562764 currently located on display in Lebanon,
Ohio. One of the pages I've read lists it as part of the C-17 class used on
the N&W. Does anyone have any details about this class? I haven't had a
whole lot of luck in my Googling. I'm curious about the class itself and how
some of them made their way to the Indiana and Ohio. Dates or date ranges
are always a plus, as well as any images of this caboose or her siblings
anyone may have.

Here's a couple of images of the caboose before its restoration:


It has since been restored (sans-N&W logo) and is being used by the City of
Lebanon for safety classes and as a community meeting place.

Thanks in Advance,
Kyle Montgomery

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