Location of Eggleston Station

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Thanks, that means the train in the photo is eastbound.

Dave Stephenson

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> I, Gordon Hamilton, received the following from a friend, Reid Garst, who grew up in Eggleston and whose father worked on a Virginian line gang there:


> Gordon,


>    Yes, the N&W Station at Eggleston was between the Rail Tracks and New River. Is was about 10 yards upstream of where the old bridge was.   After you crossed the bridge from the Virginian side you took a sharp left to go up a Ramp /Bridge that crossed the N& W tracks. Once across, you took another sharp left on to "Main Street."  Between the Ramp/Bridge and the N&W Station was a road that followed the river up stream. There was very little spare space between the Ramp/Bridge, the road, and the Station.


> Reid

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