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I wonder if anyone else has experienced a little anomaly with TerraServer's
topo maps (www.terraserer-usa.com). In checking the situation at Eggleston
at the second from the highest magnification, it seems to show the old
low-level bridge over New River and the old bridge over the N&W with its
right-angle corner, but when the magnification is switched to the
next-to-the-highest level, it shows the present high-level bridge going
straight across the river. Strange. Can anyone explain this?

Gordon Hamilton

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> I, Gordon Hamilton, received the following from a friend, Reid Garst, who

> grew up in Eggleston and whose father worked on a Virginian line gang

> there:


> Gordon,


> Yes, the N&W Station at Eggleston was between the Rail Tracks and New

> River. Is was about 10 yards upstream of where the old bridge was. After

> you crossed the bridge from the Virginian side you took a sharp left to go

> up a Ramp /Bridge that crossed the N& W tracks. Once across, you took

> another sharp left on to "Main Street." Between the Ramp/Bridge and the

> N&W

> Station was a road that followed the river up stream. There was very

> little

> spare space between the Ramp/Bridge, the road, and the Station.


> Reid

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