Stone Arched Trestle

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This supersedes my less accurate post on the subject dates.
Other information is better than mine.
It's still a good book.

Jeff Cornelius
Two Blocks from the N&W Valley Line

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CW Ry purchased the Valley Railroad of Virginia
from the B&O RR on Dec. 29, 1942, and assumed control of the properties
Jan. 1, 1943. One of the conditions of the deal was that the line from
to Lexington had to be abandoned before the sale date, thus relieving
CW of
going through that process.

On Jan. 1, 1943 a work train was dispatched south
to Lexington to begin pulling up the rails from there back to Staunton.
It is
reported that the sale of scrap from the dismantling of that portion of
line provided enough, and more, to cover the CW's purchase price of the
whole Valley line.

CW also acquired with it's purchase of the Valley
RR, it's unfinished right of way between Lexington and Salem. An
side note is that in researching the old right of way some years ago I
deeds in Roanoke County where CW owned and sold parcels of land to
as late as the 1970s.

There are many places south of Staunton where an
observant eye can spot small fills and cuts particularly on the west
of I-81.

Jeff Sanders

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The B&O-backed Valley Railroad was completed and operated as
far as Lexington. The stone bridge beside I-81 just south of
Staunton and
other visible grades and structures between there and Lexington
operated by the B&O. It appears that much of the land along that
reverted to the surrounding

did the line cease operations?


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