Stone Arched Trestle

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Abandonment and removal south of Staunton was around 1942. Sale of the
rails financed upgrading and previously deferred maintenance on the
rest of the C&W between Staunton and Elkton.
Actually the abandoned right of way didn't "revert", it was sold back
by an enterprising realtor who sold it back to those who thought it
Source "The Crooked and Weedy", a good book but hard to find.

Jeff Cornelius
Two Blocks from the N&W Valley Line

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The B&O-backed Valley Railroad was completed and operated as far as
Lexington. The stone bridge beside I-81 just south of Staunton and
other visible grades and structures between there and Lexington were
operated by the B&O. It appears that much of the land along that route
reverted to the surrounding landowners.


When did the line cease operations?

Greg Harrod

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