Locomotive bell ringing

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"Although I don't mean to offend anyone on this list, I am not at all interested in hearing what modern day NS, CSX or whatever do. My focus is on the operations of the 50s and hopefully someone will be able to provide some insight."

Gee Jim,
Not meaning to offend you, but, with statements like that you may not get an answer.
I would suspect that the fine art of bell ringing is the same today as it was in yesteryear. I have never seen a revision of bell ringing rules, but it involves more than just when the engine moves. If you listen to Link's recording on Vol.1 at Waynesboro and Mainline to Panther at the Roanoke Passenger Station, you will get one of your answers.
Mostly, it involves common sense. Ring the bell over road crossings, around people working or anytime a warning to movement is needed.
Jimmy Lisle
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