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Well, okay, maybe not the SAME pole. But that pole is still most likely in service somewhere nearby. But, they were all dual I Beams. When you look at it from the back like in the Dublin photo you can't see it as clearly, and that shelf is the service platforms which were reworked when the Position Lights were installed. The whole tops were torn off and reworked because the semaphores had the single level case for the machines and the PL's obviously didn't need them so they took them off, reworked the mounts, and installed poles on top of them.
If you go up under a bracket and look up through under the steel grates (which used to be wood platforms) you will see channel iron which still has the holes drilled in them for the semaphore cases. But, they welded or riveted in a plate in between the iron channels to make the pole mounts.
I found this out when NS dismantled the bracket at Litchfield (Abingdon Creeper signal). I bought the arms off of it and while there I studied every inch of that bracket since it was on the ground where I could get at it. Even the poles on it still had the marker light mounts on them from the semaphore days. It was most interesting discovery for me! And yes, come on down and bring that drawing. We'd all love to see it!
Ben Blevins

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> Here is a photo of the signal that used to be at Dublin.



> This signal's pole bracket has been moved to Wysor. Here's a photo of

>it taken in February.


> The signal was moved sometime before the 40's, and converted to PL in

>1947. Colored in the early sixties. This signal was known in the N&W days

>as East End Wysor. In keeping with Southern practice, is has been renamed.

> The old West End Wysor is now known as Newbern.

> Ben Blevins

Not the same pole... look carefully at the upper mount (it's a shelf on an
I-beam for the semaphores vs a dual I-beam for the CPLS), the mount used at
the base. The siding at Wysor already had an exisiting pole (that siding was
separate from the runaround siding in Dublin, I have a neat 1945 track
drawing of the Bagging Plant I'll have to bring down there one day)).

Robb Fisher

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