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Tue Apr 24 15:48:18 EDT 2007

Regarding the bracket signal moved to the east end
of Wysor. Following a trip on the Bristol-Radford
local in 1970, a crew memeber asked me if I had noted
anything odd about the same signal. Seems that at the
time, the signal governing movement from the siding
was the same height as the signal governing main track
movement. Maybe the Signal Department made alterations
to get it into compliance.

The Signal Department also corrected the aspects
displayed on the bracket signals at MP N-239 east of
Montvale. A westbound train entering double track got
a "diverging clear" to go up the westward main track and
a "clear" to go up the eastward main track. Entering
double track at other points on the old N&W, it was
the exact opposite.
Harry Bundy
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