Paintin' block signals

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Mon Apr 23 23:28:52 EDT 2007

> Here is a photo of the signal that used to be at Dublin.



> This signal's pole bracket has been moved to Wysor. Here's a photo of

>it taken in February.


> The signal was moved sometime before the 40's, and converted to PL in

>1947. Colored in the early sixties. This signal was known in the N&W days

>as East End Wysor. In keeping with Southern practice, is has been renamed.

> The old West End Wysor is now known as Newbern.

> Ben Blevins

Not the same pole... look carefully at the upper mount (it's a shelf on an
I-beam for the semaphores vs a dual I-beam for the CPLS), the mount used at
the base. The siding at Wysor already had an exisiting pole (that siding was
separate from the runaround siding in Dublin, I have a neat 1945 track
drawing of the Bagging Plant I'll have to bring down there one day)).

Robb Fisher

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