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While my primary interest is in the N&W and Virginian, I also enjoy reading information about other regional Railroads, without having to go to a lot of other forums. We seem to have a few members who are discussing the Southern, A&D, ACL, SAL, etc. from time to time, and I believe that adds variety and enjoyment to the discussion.

I was not previously aware of the "coal pusher" technology that Bill Sellers discussed, so I learned something new. Bill has indicated that his intent was not to denigrate the N&W, and I accept that, and believe he was just trying to present a positive view of the accomplishments of the ACL. Some of our members did get on him a little hot and heavy however.

As far as I am concerned, Bill Sellers is as welcome here as anyone else. Why would we want to run off one of our members just because there's a little controversy and lively discussion?

John Simmons (also from Narrows Va. - currently living in Charlotte NC)

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We are the N&W Historical Society (including the Virginian) and our
focus and interest is on those two great railways. If Mr. Sellers
wishes to degrade these railways and our honored members and promote
other addends I suggest he find another forum to do so
within. Enough of these ACL fantasies!

Ed Painter - Narrows, VA (currently Russellville, AR)

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