N&W Hoppers on the PRR

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No N&W hoppers in photos of PRR drags north of Columbus? Luck of the draw.

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> Gotta love Bill Sellers if for no other reason than the rise he gets

> out N&W fans. Ed King's response raised a question in my mind. As

> Ed points out, westbound coal headed for Lake Erie ports was handed

> off by N&W to PRR at Columbus. Why is it that, in looking at

> pictures from the period, e.g., Don Ball's books, you never see N&W

> hoppers in coal drags behind Pennsy J1a s when the picture is

> identified as being shot in northern Ohio? Maybe the trains pictured

> just happened to have originated in Pennsylvania coal fields rather

> than the Pocahontas, but it just seems strange I've never seen a mix

> of N&W hoppers and PRR steam, or N&W steam and PRR hoppers, for that

> matter. I do remember seeing both C&O and N&W hoppers on the

> Milwaukee Road in Chicago in the 1950 s.


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