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Attached is a view of an N&W hopper 4420 (and NYC hopper) behind Pennsy
Extra 6461 ready to leave Columbus. It is N&W negative number 505892
dated June 5-12, 1947 as part of a series of about 20 negatives shot
for the N&W Magazine article "Trailing a Carload of Coal" July 1947,
pages 350-354 which followed the car from pick up at one of the mines
on the Jacobs Fork Branch to dumping at one of the Sandusky piers.

Joe Collias's book "The Last of Steam" Howell-North, 1960 had a photo
at the bottom of page 218 of Santa Fe 2-10-4 No. 5012 with N&W hoppers
trailing when leased by the Pennsylvania in summer 1956 to bolster
their thinning ranks of Pennsy J-1 2-10-4s.

Ken Miller
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On Oct 26, 2005, at 8:57 PM, nw-mailing-list at nwhs.org wrote:

> Gotta love Bill Sellers if for no other reason than the rise he gets

> out N&W fans. Ed King's response raised a question in my mind. As Ed

> points out, westbound coal headed for Lake Erie ports was handed off

> by N&W to PRR at Columbus. Why is it that, in looking at pictures

> from the period, e.g., Don Ball's books, you never see N&W hoppers in

> coal drags behind Pennsy J1a s when the picture is identified as being

> shot in northern Ohio? Maybe the trains pictured just happened to

> have originated in Pennsylvania coal fields rather than the

> Pocahontas, but it just seems strange I've never seen a mix of N&W

> hoppers and PRR steam, or N&W steam and PRR hoppers, for that matter.

> I do remember seeing both C&O and N&W hoppers on the Milwaukee Road in

> Chicago in the 1950 s.


> Thanks,


> Tom Leuthner



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