N&W Hoppers on the PRR

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Wed Oct 26 20:57:49 EDT 2005

Gotta love Bill Sellers if for no other reason than the rise he gets
out N&W fans. Ed King's response raised a question in my mind. As
Ed points out, westbound coal headed for Lake Erie ports was handed
off by N&W to PRR at Columbus. Why is it that, in looking at
pictures from the period, e.g., Don Ball's books, you never see N&W
hoppers in coal drags behind Pennsy J1a s when the picture is
identified as being shot in northern Ohio? Maybe the trains pictured
just happened to have originated in Pennsylvania coal fields rather
than the Pocahontas, but it just seems strange I've never seen a mix
of N&W hoppers and PRR steam, or N&W steam and PRR hoppers, for that
matter. I do remember seeing both C&O and N&W hoppers on the
Milwaukee Road in Chicago in the 1950 s.


Tom Leuthner

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