Durham District in the 50's

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When I was a child, mid-50's to mid-60's, my family would visit my aunt & 
uncle in Woodsdale N.C. My uncle, Robert Robertson, was (among other things) the 
N&W agent for Woodsdale at some point during that time. I vaguely remember the 
RS-3's, but have a good memory of the RS-11's. My relatives lived just 
up/over the hill from the crossing. I remember dashing out of the house & running to 
the top of the hill to try to catch a glimpse of the train as it passed the 
crossing. I had to be quick because there weren't any crossings north that 
would alert me to an approaching train. If the wind was right I could sometimes 
hear a southbound train "blow" for a crossing somewhere between Woodsdale & 
Denniston.  I remember the line being very active with several trains during the 
day & one or two (?) at night. I remember the rails were "heavy duty" & very 
shiney (child's thinking) & much better looking than the lighter rails in my 
hometown of Courtland (A&D/NF&D).
Now, the station is long gone, preserved as part of a restaurant in Roxboro. 
The jointed rail is still there, never having been replaced with ribbon-rail. 
The ROW is weedy & the line seems to be seldom used past the Hyco & Mayo power 
How many trains were operated on the Durham District during the 50's - 60's 
time period? What were their numbers & what times did they operate? Are there 
any currently scheduled locals that work/serve customers all the way to 

Thank you,
Herb Edwards
hedwards52 at aol.com
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