HC 71 (it is somewhat of an anomaly)

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The HC-71 pictured on 'SORE' (see the below link) is lettered
differently than most HC-71's.  It has the large 'N' and 'W', each
completely within a panel whereas most HC-71's (see the 'fallenflags'
link or internet address below - this is a great site for looking at N&W
rolling stock - hundreds of photos, also some steam) had a larger "NW'
that covered the better part of 3 panels and 2 ribs - the 'N' and 'W'
were also attached at the top.  The HC-71 on the SORE site is definitely
an anomaly with regard to how most HC-71's were lettered, it is lettered
more in the fashion of the HC-69's & 70's - plus it looks like much of
it was repainted later (due to a possible repair??).  With regard to the
color, it is a darker gray but maybe not too out of line.  There appear
to have been several shades of 'gray' that were used for covered
hoppers.  Many classes were painted a color that to me is more white
than gray - I refer to it as an eggshell gray-white.  Other classes,
such as the HC-77 2-bay cement hopper and many 1960's (halfmoon) and
1970's painted HC-64's, 66's, 69's, 70's, and 71's  are a darker true
gray (but still a relatively light shade).  A lot of 'apparent shading'
can also be attributed to weathering and road grime.
........Wilson McClung
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Here is a link to our railfan web site.  
There is a picture of the HC71 #177672, "The Dark Horse", on the home
for those who wanted to see it for them selves.
Jeff Wood
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