Woodall Road Station, Lynchburg

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Tue Mar 29 09:08:33 EST 2005

On a more mundane note, is this station still standing?  

Jim Kelling, Greenbelt, MD

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Now this post brought back some memories.

I was one of those young impressionable railfans who used to frequent 
Amtrak's Woodall Road station in Lynchburg. As teenage railfans we spent many 
afternoons after school. there waiting on train 91, and any other trains that would 
happen by. The female station agent was Mary Ann Gunter, and yes, she was quite 
attractive. Often when I attend a Blue Ridge Chapter meeting I ask if the 
guys have seen her and how she is doing. I haven't seen her myself in nearly 27 

On a side note, and a safety issue, there was a position light just west of 
the station. One afternoon a friend was watching a train by when he heard a 
crash. When he turned around a piece of pulpwood had fallen off a car and crashed 
into the ladder of that signal right behind him. The damage to the ladder 
made him grateful the pulpwood had missed him!

Be safe out there, and Mary Ann.... I miss you!

Richard D. Shell
Troutville, VA

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