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The AFE (Authority for Expenditure) covering the improvements to  Luther
Yard is not at hand, but speaking in generalities:
1- Four tracks on the north (Hall Street side) side of the yard converted  to
    intermodal facility.
2- Additional pull in/make-up track added to south side (Broadway side)  of
    the main track.
3- Yard lead extended westward from the TRRA overpass ABOUT 3,000  ft.
4-  Yard office moved from south side and a new yard office and tower  (known
      as Humboldt Tower) built on the north  side, west end.
5-  Rail in the main line upgraded from 85# and 112# to 130#  rail.
Not sure exactly when, but sometime before 1968, a city street  bisected 
Yard.  Standard Operating Practice was to have the yard goats double  the 
together, put the blocks on a make-up track, leaving a gap at the street  
The road engines were coupled, then the joint was  made blocking the  
A "hurry-up" brake test was made and finally, the westbound  would  get the
"heck" out of Dodge.
With the improvements made at Luther, N&W began negotiations with  TRRA for
rights Granite City - Grand Avenue over the Merchants Bridge. When this  was
accomplished (finally), it had far reaching effects:
1-  Traffic formerly moving to Brooklyn and Madison Yards was  diverted to 
     allowing N&W to merge three yards into  one.
2-   The SSW run-throughs (BS3 + MB-98) continued to operate via  the 
      District  (NKP)  to the  A&S, but eventually the Madison District  was 
3-   Traffic from Decatur and east now went to Luther instead of  Brooklyn 
Yard.  Rather
      than deliver the Ford parts cars  en route to Berkeley to the TRRA for 
      across the river,  N&W could now  bring them directly to Luther.  
Previously N&W
      had found it advantageous to handle them  Decatur-Moberly, then back to
      Berkeley.  That was 225 miles out of  route.
Harry Bundy
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