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Hi All and Harry:
Interesting notes on Luther Yard. Drove by there a few weeks ago, on the way to bike the trail built over the old NKP & IC lines in Illinois. Saw a westbound on the Broadway bridge heading west. I know I'm getting old when I remember working a steam excursion (20 mph top track speed) over the old NKP to Glen Carbon, Ill. A longtime St. Louisan, I was amazed many of the old NKP yard tracks were still in place in Madison in 1992. There are parts of that line where it's hard to tell there was even a track there during summer months, and it's only been abandoned about 5 years. A final note, the old, famous Wabash Station on the old Union Depot line is about to be converted into a restaurant. Will be neat to watch MetroLink light rail trains while breaking bread.
Take Care,
Andre Jackson and/or Lisa Burrows
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