[N&W] Re: Flags on Engines

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Fri May 7 22:49:00 EDT 2004

Three or four colors of flags could be found on the front ends of engines.

White - used in all territories except CTC and, in some cases, double track
territory - denoted an extra train - one not scheduled in the timetable.

Green - also used in all territories except CTC and double track - denoted a
scheduled train which had a section following it on the same schedule.  All
sections of regular trains carried green except the last.

These two flag colors were for daylight use;  at night, the appropriately
colored lights would be illuminated in the classification lights.

In addition, one might see a yellow or red flag (depending on the signal
territory involved) on the front end of a light engine backing up, such as a
pusher returning down the hill.


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