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Ben - the Diverging Approach was in case the next signal was stop.  The
Diverging Clear was only available if the next signal - on the main line,
now, we're talking about - was at approach or better.  There was a switch
beyond the signal, for the siding to enter the main.  You've evidently got
the signal that was at the end of the siding.  I'll bet the top head of your
signal will only display three lights across, right?

The signal for the main was on another mast.  One head with the marker
below.  Clear, Approach and Stop and Stay.

can you send me a picture of the signal?  or a drawing of its arrangements.
I would be happy to pay for developing if needed.  Need it for modeling
purposes.  Thanks,

Brent Greer                   bgreer at tampabay.rr.com
The diverging approach aspect would be used if a train leaving the branch was
following another train in the same direction. So the stop signal off the
branch turns to diverging approach when the train ahead clears the next
J Lisle
Regarding the signal in your front yard -- I suspect this signal was
located at the east end of the siding at Abingdon. Right ? Trains
en route to the Abingdon Branch would receive a RESTRICTING  to
go on the branch.  In a face-to-face meet (say No. 10 has gone in the
hole for No. 9), once the opposing train has passed the east switch,
the dispatcher can code the turnout to reverse and the "leave siding"
signal will display DIVERGING CLEAR.  Now how about a follow-up
move (the eastbound local is in the hole to let No. 10 pass).  As soon
as No. 10 clears the east siding turnout, the dispatcher can code the
turnout to reverse and the "leave siding" signal will display DIVERGING
APPROACH once No. 10 clears the next eastward signal.  When No. 10
clears the second eastward signal, the "leave siding' signal would display

You might want to take this with a grain of salt because:
1.  It's been 30 years since I made a road trip on the Pulaski District.
2.  The Radford  Division kind of had signal rules all its own--the signal
      to leave the siding at Wysor (east end) was CLEAR,  I mean two
      vertical green lights.  RULE 281.
                                                                Harry Bundy

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