[N&W] Signal Aspects

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Fri May 7 22:49:23 EDT 2004

The signal I have in my yard came from the East End Abingdon Bracket
signal.  This signal gave indications to trains heading east on the
siding, and those taking the Abingdon Branch.  The original head on the
top of this signal had the three amber, then two, horizontal red
lights.  When NS upgraded the signal system in 97 they removed the old
top head, and installed a full three position head, which they took
from a signal at Rural Retreat.  That is the top head on the signal I
have displayed.  NS had covered the lower head's lamps for all aspects
except "Stop", so only the center red lamp was used.  Last year this
particular bracket was removed and replaced by a Southern style signal
bridge. Why this one only, I don't know.
Previous to the signal cut, I never observed a train leaving the
Abingdon siding headed east, so I could not figure out which aspect
would be given to trains leaving the siding heading east.  However, I
figured that the restricting aspect was not used as it was inoperative
when I got the signal.  The lamp units had no bulbs and the lamps
"guts" had to be repaired.
Now, this signal can give all aspects I can find reference to except
"Diverging Approach Diverging", as I do not have a flashing relay for
the lower head.  It doesn't matter to me personally as I have never
observed this aspect anywhere.
Ben Blevins

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