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Fri May 7 22:45:58 EDT 2004

After reading about the display last week Mary Effie and I took off on 
Sunday morning and drove 275 miles to Roanoke via White Sulphur 
Springs  with return through Princeton after a wonderful "lark day" of 
sunshine, mountains, the Greenbriar (just passing by), checking out the 
refueling station on CSX at Clifton Forge (three trains refueling with 
complete consists attached - looks like a truck stop for trains, and the 
grand prize, the LINK exhibit and Mary Effie found the beauty of the 
collection more impressive than me; she is a serious watercolorist,  and we 
ended our time in Roanoke with a late lunch at the Hotel Roanoke in the 
company of a gathering of Leisure magazine writers some of whom had been 
across the street to see the LINK exhibit.

Needless to say, it was a great day. The most imposing thing I felt was the 
limited size of Link's collection of works. Because of his method, night 
shots, he by necessity had limited what he could accomplish in terms of 
numbers certainly not his greatness of artistic ability. I have to say that 
maybe the real high point is the starting video which becomes extremely 
emotional (especially for the over 60 group). That video is worth the trip. 
But, because they use his interview and as an eighty something his voice is 
hard to keep up with each word (like listening to British comedies and 
missing some of the best dialogue). I would suggest that subtitles  would 
help a lot of people and in particular those not necessarily as familiar 
with Link and the N&W as we "true believers".

Try it, you'll love it !!!

Oakie & Mary Effie Ford

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