[N&W] Jawn Henry, Proto GP-9 and question

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Thu May 6 23:15:23 EDT 2004

I think my mind is going. I read questions, want to answer them, then I 
forget!!!!! Go figure.

1.Someone asked about diagrams or drawings of Jawn Henry. The October 1976 
issue of RMC has an article plus a fold-out drawing. Pretty nice.

2. Someone was looking for P2K GP-9. The one they were looking for is on 
ebay and there is also an undec one that should also work.

This is the question part, if my memory serves me correctly, in one of the 
N&W books, I saw a picture of an E2a with a two car consist described as a 
boxcar and a P-54 coach if I'm not mistaken. My question is, this 
heavyweight the same P-54 that was used by Pennsy. I remember reading that 
N&W had purchased a number of Pennsy passengers cars.

My second question concerns Troop cars manufactured by Pullman during World 
War II. Did N&W ever purchase or lease any of these? If so, does any one 
know which types and how many?
Now for the commentary part. Bravo to the member who brought up the point 
of having fun and not worrying so much about being prototypically correct 
about everything. Enjoy what you have and run the hell out of those trains. 
I used to be so concerned about everything being perfect, I had little time 
to enjoy what I had.

Regarding the pulling power of the P2K Y3 vs. Rivarossi Y6b. I am in the 
process of doing my layout over again so I haven't been able to test the 
P2K, but I used to have a fixation with long coal consists. One day for a 
giggle I started adding coal cars in groups of ten to one of my PFM Y6b's. 
The drivers started spinning on a level grade with 120 cars. I tried it 
with a Riva Y6b and it pulled 156 coal cars. Of course the traction tires 
had a lot to do with it and also the fact that I was obsessed with cars 
rolling as friction free as possible. I guess the point I'm trying to make 
is that, even though the Riva wasn't as accurate as the PFM, it sure pulled 
a lot more at a fifth of the price. Talking about slack, the 156 car 
consist took 13 seconds from the time the Y6b started rolling until the 
caboose started to more. Now that is slack!
Best Regards and enjoy your trains.
John Lisica 

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