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Thu May 6 23:16:31 EDT 2004

In 1993, I had to do a one week study of all power dispatched from
Shaffers Crossing for the Mech. Dept.  The study measured horse-
power per ton assigned to (1) TOFC trains, (2) Mdse. trains, (3)
empty trains, and (4) coal trains.  Yeah, it was about as interesting
as dry toast.  One item it did disclose -- Shaffers Crossing was
regularly dispatching coal trains northbound up the Shenandoah Div.
over the tonnage rating.  In fact, as I recall, there was one that was
2800 tons OVER the rating WITH pushers.  Can't help but wonder
what the ampmeter was doing north of Pkin.
Harry Bundy

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