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Thu May 6 23:14:25 EDT 2004

Who says N&W Pacifics weren't atractive? Beauty is in the eye of the
beholder!  I can still remember Dad timing our trips from Narrows through
Bluefield to meet relatives at Claypool Hill for lunch such that we could
chase 578 through Bluefield, VA and along US-460 past Tazewell.  578 was a
beautiful sight pulling the Norton passenger train in the late 50's.  E-2a's
weren't Southern PS-4's, PRR K-4's, or  C&O F-17's or F-19's (truly the most
aesthetically pleasing pacifics).  However along with the other E's they
were ALL N&W.  They served the railway well and WERE good looking
Ed Painter Jr

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